Ludington Youth Resource Center Helps Students Beyond the Classroom

A northern Michigan school helping their students beyond the classroom.

Many families are struggling, and looking for any help they can. Ludington schools saw the growing need and opened a Youth Resource Center at their high school.

The school has been running this resource center for almost 10 years. But this summer, the program has been seeing a large number of people in need.

“This place will turn your life around, trust me. It saved me when I was at rock bottom,” says Ashley Pianto, Ludington graduate.

The Ludington School District is reaching out to help their kids in a whole new way. 

“It’s for Ludington students and their families but really, to be honest, it’s extended way beyond that. It’s really for whomever needs help and for whatever they might need,” says Laura Powers, Ludington school counselor.

During the school year, kids are able to go to the resource room and gather any items they may need. 

“I tried to not go a lot but when I did, I’d go once a month, twice a month, I got stuff like toilet paper, paper towel, sometimes we even needed food stuff, dinner items too even, sides to go with dinner,” says Pianto.

But it’s during the summer that the program really picks up. 

“Summer time is probably, maybe the biggest time for a lot of the families because they cannot depend on the schools lunch program and we have pretty easy access,” says Mark Boon, Director of the Youth Resource Center.

In the end, they just want kids to be comfortable in asking for help. 

“Don’t be embarrassed. Don’t be shy. I mean trust me, I was embarrassed and shy at first, but I had to, I knew that I had to make that step to save and help my family and you need to come to grips with it and do it,” says Pianto. 

“I only look for it to get to be a stronger program. We’re happy to help the kids and I hope it can continue for a long time,” says Boon.

The Youth Resource Center is looking for gift cards along with any donations to stock back up before school starts.

If you are interested in helping with donations or volunteering your time, contact the Ludington School District.