Miles of Northern Michigan Trails Available Through Interactive Website

Thousands of miles of northern Michigan trails now available through an interactive website. is the new go-to source for information on northern Michigan trails and points of interest.

It allows users to interact with and explore 5,300 miles of trails across the northern Lower Peninsula.

The website is more about showing people where the trails are, whether you’re a hiker, snowmobiler, or bicyclist, it’s a one stop shop that you can go to and look at the trails you want to pursue.

“You can go to an existing trail that you know about and look at the different interests along that trail, where the trail heads are, where the restrooms are that type of thing,” said Matt McCauley, Director of Regional Planning for Northwest Michigan Council of Governments.

People can also take pictures while they’re on the trails and upload them for others to see.

It gives users an insight of what the trail looks like, before they decide to venture out.