Reward Offered for Information Leading to Location of Kyle Mosher

New hope of finding a Northern Michigan man who has been missing for a year.

Kyle Mosher from Roscommon County was reported missing last July. A reward is now being offered for information leading to the discovery of Kyle.

Kyle was last seen July 20, 2012 around 2:00 pm. He was reported missing two days later. Police say he was last contacted by bear hunters who had given him a ride to his truck that was stuck on a two-track near Sharon and Fletcher roads in Kalkaska County. Friends, family and police have searched all over the area in hopes of finding him.

With the anniversary of Kyle’s disappearance this past weekend, his friends and family are struggling. But now, they say this reward may raise other people’s interest. “There’s no explanation of where Kyle is, so we’re not going to give up until we know where my friend is, where’s Kyle, where’s he at,” says Brandon Schroder, Kyle’s friend.

Today Kyle Mosher’s dad announced he will offer a $10,000 reward for information that finds Kyle. Kyle’s friend, Brandon, couldn’t be more grateful for the act. “Thank you, I appreciate whoever did it, thank you. Mike, thank you, I…we need that clue. If the person didn’t want to come out because they were scared, here’s money, come on, we want that clue,” says Schroder.

It’s been a long rough year for those who know Kyle. Plenty of searching the wooded area in Kalkaska County where Kyle was last seen, and still no answers. “Very frustrating, very frustrating because there’s so many emotions and not enough answers, very very frustrating,” says Schroder. 

Michigan State Police say they haven’t given up hope either. “We’ve had no tips that have helped us to lead us to discovering him. From time to time we’ll get bits and pieces of information or theories, mostly. But we’ve yet to find anything with any real solid background that can help lead us to his discovery,” says Detective Sergeant Travis House, Michigan State Police Cadillac Post.

Now with this money, his friends and family are eager to get the answers they deserve. “I hope that this money entices the person who may have heard something, who may know something, who may…anything. It could be the clue that gives us back our friend, our family, our loved ones, our dad, all them. I just, I hope that this brings that person that may know something out,” says Schroder.

Kyle has green eyes, brown hair and has several tattoos including the name “Layla” on the right side of his neck. 

If you have any information about where Kyle Mosher could be, please call Silent Observer at 231-779-9215 or MSP Cadillac Post at 231-779-6040.