Omena U-Pick Flowers Spreads Summertime Joy

Summertime means fresh flowers grown in northern Michigan, and Omena U-pick Flower Farm is busier than ever.

The farm grows perennial plants and is open around the clock for you to pick a bouquet.

Brides and those celebrating events often visit to cut flowers at a much better rate than a traditional florist.

The owner, Carolyn Faught, says it started with her love of gardening and grew into something the community has come to love.

“One woman said ‘every time I come here I can feel my blood pressure lowering,’ and I have other people who are picking who say ‘I’m picking for a baby that is about to be born’ or ‘to leave flowers by my friends grave’ or lots and lots of different reasons. I just hope they enjoy their time out here.”

Omena U-Pick is just north of Suttons Bay and is open all the time.

The business operates on the honor system.