Grand Traverse County Beaches Exposed To E Coli

The Grand Traverse County Health Department found high levels of E coli along the shores of some Northern Michigan beaches.

Now, they’re recommending people not go in the water above their waist.

High levels of E coli were found in four beaches in Grand Traverse County, West End, Bryant Park, Traverse City State Park and Acme Bayside Park.

Several people left Bryant Park on Thursday afternoon because of the high levels.

“We just bought goggles for all the kids to go diving into the water, so you’ve opted to go to a different lake,” said Jen Lewis, beach goer.

Many parents said they didn’t want to take the chance of exposing their kids to anything that could make them sick.

“Of course, any bacteria you don’t want to have your kids exposed to,” said Lewis. “If we can prevent it by going to another beach then we will do that.”

Signs were posted at the beaches warning people about the E coli bacteria in the water. Health officials said if you do go in the water, do not go in above your waistline.

“The concerns would be gastrointestinal illnesses, it could be eye infection or ear infection,” said Tom Buss, Grand Traverse County Director of Environmental Health.

Exposure to E coli is typically a problem after heavy rain and storms.

“The northerly winds has a tendency to wash the shorelines and the streets in the area,” said Buss.

The county has retested the water and will have those results on Friday.

If you think you have been exposed, health officials recommend talking to your doctor.