Fire Danger Rises, U.S. Forest Service Stresses Caution

With a dry, windy summer, wildfires are bound to flare up.

The U.S. Forest Service in Cadillac says they’ve been keeping a close eye on this summer’s fire danger.

They say the season got off to a slow start because the rain kept things wet.

But recently, things have been drying up and the wind has been picking up.

They say the most common fires that spread this time of year are ones that start in your backyard.

“Our fires are still going to be mainly man made, so we’re going to get the escape camp fires from the recreation sites, or people out in the woods or along the rivers, camping, canoeing,” says Jae Naugle, Huron-Manistee National Forests.

They advise that before you burn, to check and see if the DNR is offering burn permits that day or not. 

To check your area for burning restrictions, click here