Delivery of Historic Home Delayed After It Gets Caught on Power Line

A delayed delivery and a lot of chaos in Roscommon County during a big move this afternoon.

A home moving company was transferring a 1930’s Toboggan Home to its new location. 

But their plans hit a snag when part of the house clipped a power line, causing a road closure and power outages. 

The home is moving 10 miles from the former Pioneer Hills Ski Resort in Roscommon County to Wellington Farm Park in Crawford County.

“This is exciting because we are preserving local history and that’s very exciting. It’s very thrilling. It’ll be really cool when it arrives,” exclaimed Wellington Farm Park general manager, Howard Taylor.

Taylor was very enthusiastic about today’s big move as he waiting at the Wellington Farm Park.

But then he got a deflating phone call about the process. 

“We took the top of this building down, put it on another trailer. And we were taking this portion of the building over to Wellington Farm Park,” explained Carl Hutchinson of HD House Movers, who was transporting the house.

This portion of the house measures 14 feet tall and these wires here measured 15 feet into the air. Yet, somehow the house managed to clip these wires, bringing them down and creating quite a bit of chaos. 

“We measured every wire in this route and we don’t really know what happened,” says Hutchinson.

The road was temporarily closed and a few people lost power.

But the house wasn’t damaged and no one was hurt, which Carl says is most important of all. 

“That’s the main thing, it’s only money from here on out.”

Aside from this slight detour, driving is typically the easy part of the job.

They plan to get the Toboggan House to it’s new home tomorrow. 

“I hope so, if they get these wires on up and let us go, that’s where we are going,” says Hutchinson.

As Howard anxiously awaits, “The building is very, very sound and so it’s going to make a beautiful building for us.”