Chinese Students Visit Northwestern Michigan College

Northwestern Michigan College has some guests from out of the country.

A group of ten to 13 year old Chinese students from Weiming Education Group are here to experience some of NMC’s College for Kids Classes, dorm life, and take a tour around Traverse City.

Some of their plans include seeing a movie at The State Theatre, going to a Traverse City Beach Bums game, and eating some Moomers Homemade Ice Cream.

Today the students went to a class called “Fizz” Ics In A Can to learn about physics and interact with some local Traverse City kids their age.

“They are really learning a lot and enjoy, you can hear in the class they go, “wow, amazing” so they are having a good time,” said Jen St.Charles, an assistant for NMC’s College for Kids.

They’re getting a real college experience by staying in the dorms and at some point will get to stay with local host families.

The students are here until July 29th.