UPDATE: Baby Alligator Missing from Mackinac County Zoo, Tortoise Possible Accomplice

A small alligator took off on an adventure this weekend, possibly with the help of a tortoise. Now workers at the Garlyn Zoo hope he comes home safe.

Carlos the alligator got away from the Upper Peninsula zoo on Saturday. People on US 2 in Naubinway spotted the gator.

They tipped off police that the foot long reptile was on the loose.

“He was in this pond there’s a little space under the wire he got off and wandered off in the north woods.”

An alligator escape here at the Garlyn Zoo. The people who run the zoo believe a large tortoise that walks in the area, is likely an inadvertent accomplice in Carlos’ escape. 

An unusual Northern Michigan story, but not nearly as scary as it sounds.

“I’m bummed. He’s just sweet he’s not dangerous but you shouldn’t handle him. If you see him call the zoo, we’ll run down and get him we’d love to have him back.”

Zoo keepers love all of their animals from the bears to the gators, they just want the little guy to come home for his safety.

“We look everyday but it’s like looking for a needle on a haystack trying to find a foot long alligator in sticks and stuff. Once it drops down to 50 degrees he won’t eat they need warm temps to digest food… beyond October his days are numbered.”

Just across the street from Lake Michigan, they hope someone might find him soaking up the sunshine.

“I hope he’s sunning, I hope he’s on the beach sunning… that’s what were hoping looking for him is that he’s laying out in the open and then pick him up and bring him back

“I miss him and pray that he comes home. He’s got a lot of personality so were hoping he gets through this adventure, Carlos’ adventure.”

If you see Carlos, call the zoo at 906-477-1085, and try not to touch him.