UPDATE: New Intelligence Suggests MH17 Shot Down By Separatists, No Link to Russia

U.S. officials say intel suggests Malaysia Airline Flight 17 was shot down by separatists, and currently there is no link to Russian involvement.

The plane was shot down over territory held by pro-Russian rebels. All 298 people aboard died.

The European Union’s decision will impose visa bans and asset freezes on more people with Russian ties.

Investigators hope black boxes will provide more evidence of what took the plane down.

It could take weeks, even months to identify the bodies of those killed on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

The Prime Minister of the Netherlands gave the warning to grieving family members as the victims’ remains arrived by train to Ukraine-controlled territory.

The U.S. is happy the bodies and black boxes are now in the hands of Dutch and Malaysian authorities.

But, a White House spokesman says there needs to be more cooperation from Russia and pro-Russian separatists.

Until that happens, the European Union is imposing sanctions against Russian officials deemed responsible.

Rebels are accused of launching the deadly missile, with the help of Russia.