Northern Michigan Brewery Hosted Veteran Appreciation Event

Raising a glass to veterans, a northern michigan brewery showed their appreciation tonight.

Bravo Zulu Brewing in Williamsburg is veteran-owned and tonight they tried to honor military service and help veterans, over pizza and drinks.

“Its nice it really is, the community has a different attitude than when we came back from vietnam it was a different mindset,” said Joe Meredith, a helicopter pilot in Vietnam.

A large crowd showed up at Bravo Zulu to appreciate veterans.

“I’ve shaken a lot more hands tonight than I have in a long time from people who are saying thank you very much,” said Jeff Brooks, Owner of Bravo Zulu Brewery.

But not only for hosting the event, for everything owner Jeff Brooks has done for veterans since opening.

The brewery was started with the idea of bringing veterans of all ages together, but they provide more than just a place for them to come and hang out.

The brewery also wants to help veterans get a job.

“Right now I send them to Michigan works, Michigan works is a great resource for all of these guys coming back who say I have this amazing skill but I don’t know what to do with it or where to apply it,” said Brooks.

Veterans have an open invitation to come to the brewery to talk about their next step.

“Because I’ve been there, I’ve been in the deepest darkest spots in my mind when I came back, I disarmed bombs for a living , and I know how rough it is,” said Brooks.

He wants share advice that could help, call it a vet helping another vet.

“This right here is my way of trailblazing a way for veterans when they come back in order to own a business or get a job, that’s what I did when I came back and that’s what I want to help other veterans do,” said Brooks.

For any veterans looking for help with finding a job, visit the Michigan Works website.