McGowan’s Menu: Fife Lake Inn

For the last two years, the Fife Lake Inn has been building momentum under new ownership.

And when tourists are pulling off US-131 to visit the restaurant, you know whatever it is they’re doing, it’s working.

What’s the attraction? John McGowan visited to find out, in this weeks edition of McGowan’s Menu.

Meet Brandon Gwizdala. He and his father have owned the restaurant since 2012, and Bbrandon worked here under the previous ownership back in 2007. He’s learned the business from the ground up. And he still loves to get busy in the kitchen.

“I know people by their orders, if I see an order come in, I know what table that is, because I still continue to cook now. I love to cook. That’s my passion. But it’s a good thing to go out, and meet the people and know what they like and want you know because that’s what we do.”

One of the stars of the menu is surrounded by salami and ham, filled with cream cheese, wrapped in dough, and then deep fried. It’s their deep fried pickle.

“That’s something we started this summer, and we went as just a special. And we can’t take ’em away. We tried to move on to a different special. People said ‘no, you can’t take those away,’ so actually we re-did our menu, and put them on permanently. And they are just delicious.”

Wife Amanda has become the restaurant’s pizza specialist. And they have one that’s unique to the Fife Lake Inn, the hash brown pizza.

“That one we’ve got the shredded baked potato, completely shredded potato, and we have, bacon, onion, and our Rap sauce, which is kind of like a Ranch, and then we top it with cheddar-jack cheese on top.”

Pizzas are available after 4:00 p.m. They serve all the traditional toppings and offer several specialty pizzas including gluten free pizzas.

If you’re visiting the Fife Lake Inn on Friday or Saturday, you might want to go with the char broiled prime rib.

“We start the night before, and we shave off some of the unwanted ends of it to get some of the fat off, then we rub it with our special rub mix and seasonings. And then we stick it in what’s called an alto-sham overnight, and it cooks 24 hours. So it’s been slow roasted for a whole day.”

You get a side and a salad bar with it, but you might also want to go with the loaded baked potato.

“It’s a giant baked potato, stuffed with cheese and bacon. It’s a favorite around here, we’re known for our large baked potatoes,” said Kitchen Manager Jennifer Czerwin.

And at this time of year, a visit to the deck, with a great view of the lake across the street, can make your dining experience, truly unique.

“Just when you walk in the door, you’re made to feel like family. And you’re treated to a wonderful meal, home-cooked meal, and you have a beautiful view of the Fife Lake.”

The Fife Lake Inn is located in downtown Fife Lake on State Street. They’re open Monday through Saturday, 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., and Sunday 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.