Ice Distributors Stay Busy in the Heat

Ice; We couldn’t get rid of it this winter… And now, we’re paying to fill our coolers with it.

Businesses like Michigan Pure Ice in Indian River spend their hot summer days in and out of coolers.

The heat means they’re in demand.

“Everybody uses ice. Out camping or on the boats or events like weddings.. The ice demand really goes up when the weather is hot.”

As the temperature climbs, so does the demand for ice.

A business that many forget exists until they really need their service

“Do people think of us with our gloves on? Probably not in the middle of summer, no. I don’t think a lot of people think about it except the people that really need the ice, our retailers our customers.”

And on a hot day like today, you’d think they’d stay cool with all the ice. But delivering all of it, you work up a sweat

“You’re constantly in and out of the freezer and into the hot weather …people are always saying you got the coolest job around, but when its 90 degrees and you’re stacking the freezer and sweating like crazy, its not that cool its actually very hot.”