Free Popsicles to Beat the Heat

The hot weather had some cooling down with a nice, cold, free Popsicle.

Today Oryana Natural Foods market gave away frozen Goodpops at the Goodwill Fresh Start Food Truck parked behind their store.

They thought it was a good way to celebrate winning the 2014 Traverse City Area Camber of Commerce Small Business of the year award.

It’s something they say they couldn’t have done without the community’s help.

“We’ve been here for 41 years and there’s no way that we could have done it without the long time loyal support of the customers that have been shopping with us that long and the customers that have just walked through the door today,” said Marika BeVier, Marketing Communications Manager at Oryana.

Oryana says they also wanted to incorporate local farmers who’ve supported them from the start, and they did just that by giving away popsicles made from local, northern Michigan fruit.