Community Helps Maxbauers Clean Up Fire Damage

People are coming together to clean up a popular market after a small fire left big damage.

On Monday, a grease fire in the smokehouse of Maxbauers Meat Market in Traverse City caused the business to close.

“It’s a sad process because everything is homemade and it’s hours of labor,” said Jacob Runkel, Maxbauers Meat Market employee.

Meat, produce and packaged products are being tossed at the Maxbauers Meat Market.

The Department of Agriculture told the market that it was not safe to sell following Mondays fire.

Jacob Runkel is an employee who came in to lend a helping hand.

“I wanted to show my support by being here. I would be here anyways, but it’s especially important to be here today,” said Runkel.

He spent the morning throwing away meat in the stores glass cases.

“There’s so much work that is put into everything,” said Runkel. “Throwing away sausage or jerky that you helped make is kind of painful, there’s a lot of sadness.”

Owners said everything from organic grapes and 20,000 pounds of meat needs to be thrown away.

“They are making the meat not edible by putting it into garbage cans with dye on it and then taking it out to dumpsters. As the dumpsters fill, everything will be taken to the transfer station then it will be sent to the dump in Wexford County,” said Stephanie Wilson, owner.

But despite their losses, the Wilson’s can’t be more thankful for the outpouring of support from the community.

“There’s a steady stream of people outside our backdoor just coming by. Our customers have also come by to show their support,” said Wilson.

While the cleanup continues, Maxbauers Meat Market will be closed until further notice.