Antrim County Deputy Accused of Theft

“It’s never a good day when you have to charge an officer.”

This sheriff’s deputy is in hot water tonight — accused of stealing money while on the job.

Michael Bingham is accused of taking that money during a search warrant at a home in Mancelona.

It happened back in June, and now he now face some serious charges.  

Bingham is a deputy for the Antrim County Sheriff’s Office.

Right now he’s on administrative leave.

Bingham is charged with obstruction of justice and stealing from a home.

Investigators say he did it right in front of other deputies and state troopers. 

“There was a search warrant that was served, the State Police were conducting an investigation, they had Antrim County deputies as a back up.”

One of those deputies was Michael Bingham. He had been assigned to count a large amount of cash found in a handbag.

Antrim County Prosecuting Attorney James Rossiter explains, “Throughout the search of the search warrant, there was some money, that as they were counting stuff up, they were short.”

A trooper questioned Deputy Bingham about where the money could have gone. 

“So they started looking around, and they found the money in couple of different locations.”

Places the money wasn’t supposed to be. 

$200 was lying in the grass on the side of the home, where some had seen Deputy Bingham walking around.

“At this point its allegations, he is presumed to be innocent and the system will go on,” says Rossiter. 

Rossiter says members of law enforcement are held to a higher standard. As a former officer and deputy, Jerry Deetz and Bill Lutsch agree.

“It’s shocking to me to see an officer who takes an oath to uphold the law, and then turn around and violate it,” says Deetz.

“It makes people feel less secure in their own community, it leaves just a bad taste in the mouth,” agrees Lutsch.

Bingham is currently out on bond.


An Antrim County Sheriff’s deputy is charged with theft crimes. 

The Antrim County Court says Deputy Michael Bingham is accused of taking money that was discovered during the search of a Mancelona home. 

Michigan State Police, along with the Deputy Bingham, searched the Mancelona home on June 18. During the search, an MSP trooper counted money and recorded the amounts. 

The home was secure when the resident was permitted to re-enter, with a trooper, to care for a pet. That is when the resident noticed a large sum of money was missing. The trooper and Dep. Bingham disagreed about the amount of money missing. 

When they took another look at the collected evidence, $300 was found. Another deputy found $200 laying in the wet grass near the corner of the home. The money was dry and folded in half. 

Bingham is charged with stealing money from the scene of a search. He has been placed on administrative leave. 

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