UPDATE: Maxbauers Closed, Thousands of Pounds of Meat Damaged

Maxbauers Meat Market in Traverse City will remain closed following a Monday fire in the smokehouse.

A fire there Monday morning damaged part of the building.

The owner of Maxbauers Meat Market says a grease fire started in the smokehouse around 10:00 a.m. and it took crews less than five minutes to put it out. 

The roof has been checked for any damage, but the fire did not spread that far. 

Everyone in the business got out safely, and there were no injuries. Some smoke did get inside the business and surrounding businesses.

“Everybody is safe, that’s a big deal,” said Mark Wilson, Maxbauers owner. “There’s probably 300 people that are employed on this block, it could have been a bad deal.”

Maxbauers is closed until further notice. Other businesses are still open around the meat market. 

The Department of Agriculture says everything needs to be thrown out. That means about 20,000 pounds of meat will be lost from the fire and smoke damage. The cost of the damage could be hundreds of thousands of dollars.