Fallen Vietnam Marines Remembered Almost 50 Years Later

Two local heroes gave the ultimate sacrifice, and are honored almost 50 years later.

A retired sheriff is making it his mission to honor those in Charlevoix County who fought for our country.

Tonight, a special ceremony was held to remember two local Marines who died serving in the Vietnam War.

Humprey Price and Donald Reich were from the Whiting Park area near Boyne City. They both died in 1967 while fighting for our country. “It’s a feeling of pride remembering my brother and knowing that this many people would show up in his honor, 47 years later,” says Dale Reich, Don’s brother.

A plaque was created on the well at Whiting Park in their name. “It eases our pain too to know that other people cared about him and remembered him on this date and forever now with the plaque being placed here,” says Barbra Koerner, Don’s sister.

A county commissioner and retired sheriff says it only made sense to have the plaque at the park so their legacy will carry on in their hometown. “I had a feeling that they weren’t properly recognized when it happened, so the family just told me, so this was an opportunity for the community,” says George Lasater, Charlevoix County commissioner and organizer of the ceremony.

More than 100 friends, family and community members came to pay their respects at a place near and dear to everyone’s hearts. “We spent a lot of time here at Whitings Park, so it’s really nice that they did it here and especially on the artisan well because we all love to drink the water out of the artisan well,” says Tammy Ryder, Humprey’s sister.

Many say it’ll be a place to generate good memories of the two local heroes. “They’re each going to remember him in their own ways, he cared about people, just what a great guy he was and what he would have been,” says Dale Reich.

The Charlevoix County Parks and Recreation committee helped make this dedication ceremony possible.