3,000 Plus Soldiers Continue to Train at Camp Grayling

Thousands of soldiers descended on the largest US National Guard training facility to refine their abilities and learn new skills for combat.

The training started last week, and continues for the rest of this week.  

It’s all taking place at Camp Grayling, which is the main training facility for the Michigan National Guard.

“It’s nice to integrate the National Guard with the active duty component at the same time.”

The sounds of war, echo through Camp Grayling.

“Actually shooting their cannon and rocket assets, so for us it’s a time to get back onto our cannon, refine our skills,” explains Capt. Richard Sands of
Alpha Battery, 1/119th Field Artillery Regiment.

More than 3,000 soldiers are participating in the scenarios they could one day find themselves in for real, while getting back to their standard military mission.

“They test us on our ability to do patrols and defend ourselves as we’re moving from one point to another,” says Capt. Sands.

Following days of simulated combat situations, soldiers have now returned to these tents. Now they may not look like much, but they’re actually classrooms, where soldiers are inside, learning what they did well and what they can still improve on.

Capt. Sands explains, “It really gives you feedback on how I defended myself, or did not defend myself, and now I have to help my buddy.”

It’s the first time an entire brigade of field artilleries have been operating at camp grayling at one time, allowing them to pick each others brains and refine their skills, and most importantly, says Capt. Sands, “makes us better soldiers, and better units.”

During training on Saturday, a 155-millimeter Howitzer cannon was involved in an accident when it was released from a Chinook helicopter and fell about 700 feet to the ground.

No one was hurt in the accident.