UPDATE: One Injured in Gaylord Meth Lab Explosion

Police say a man was using the one-pot method to make meth, when it exploded in a storage unit.

The explosion happened early Saturday morning at the Sled Shed in Gaylord.

Police say after the explosion, the man drove himself to the hospital, and then the hospital called police.

A HAZMAT team says everything was contained within that unit.

But still, a small, nearby neighborhood is on edge.

Gary Mayer, who lives nearby, comments, “A lot of the people don’t see who goes in and out of there. It’s open 24/7, who knows, midnight, 1 o’clock at night they could be doing this. We’re asleep. It’s just too dangerous. Too close to home.”

Several meth-related charges are expected.

The man is still in critical condition.

Police say this is the first active meth lab within the Gaylord city limits.


An update on a suspected meth lab explosion in a storage unit in Otsego County. 

Police say a man was in a storage unit in Gaylord when the explosion happened around 4:00 Saturday morning.

Police say when they got to the scene, they found evidence meth was being made.

The man inside the unit was airlifted to a burn center in critical condition.

Northern Michigan’s News Leader will have continuing coverage on this explosion tonight on 9&10 News at 6:00.