Michigan Vietnam Veterans Traveling Memorial Goes To Boyne City

The Michigan Vietnam Veteran’s Traveling Memorial made it to Boyne City for a weekend of reflection. 

“It gives people closure and it gives you know, its really hard to say the emotions that people have when they see it,” said David Schoenherr, Chairman of the Michigan Vietnam Veterans Traveling Memorial.

It’s a way for people to pay respect to the men and women from Michigan who lost their lives in the Vietnam War and a way for those who served to come together.

“When I take it to a city or a town or county, what were doing is were bringing those boys home to their families,” said Schoenherr.

This moving memorial also brings a reason to come together in remembrance of the fallen.

“We have a traveling memorial with the 2,654 names of men and one woman that gave their lives protecting our freedom in Vietnam,” said Schoenherr.

People can also come to these books to find out a little more information of the name they found on the wall and on most of these pages you can find a picture of the person, a biography of what happened, and some even share a short story.

“I think its very good because a lot of guys cant go to Washington so I think its very good idea.  I wanted to pay respects to my high school friends that we joined the marine corps together and they didn’t come home,” said Dennis Flanigan, a visitor of the memorial.

Visiting and reflecting isn’t easy, but it gives veterans a place to honor the friends who didn’t come home. 

“Its kinda sad, I mean they should be enjoying things like I do but I guess there, God had a different place for them to go I guess,” said Flanigan.

Pictures will help the memories live on, and it’s a way to show others that couldn’t be here.

“We have a 50th class reunion coming up in another year and I’d like to show the pictures to their ex-girlfriends or fiances,” said Flanigan.

Bringing some closure, and remembering friends and strangers who sacrificed everything, it’s what this is all about.

“It’s a very emotional place and we like to look at it as being sacred ground to give these people time to be with the memorial and see their names and look in the book and read about it, ya know because every name up there has a story,” said Schoenherr.

The display will be set up in a tent in Sunset Park at the corner of Water and Lake St. in Boyne City from 9 am to 1 pm Saturday, for anyone interested in stopping by.