Evart Hosts Dulcimer Musical Funfest

A unique Northern Michigan music festival is going on this weekend: The Dulcimer Musical Funfest.

This is the 42nd year the musical festival fills the air with melodies in Evart in Osceola County.

The festival is a place for anyone to try out playing a dulcimer. Other more serious musicians get to hone their skills and play with others.

It’s run by volunteers and has three stages where performances are put on daily through Sunday.

Dulcimer workshops are not only for professionals, but also a chance for beginners to join in.

Gail Schwandt, the former vice president of the Dulcimer Festival, says, “For a new comer it can be a little overwhelming to see so many people. But everybody’s a friend you haven’t met yet. Everyone’s willing to help; and it’s just, this is to get people playing music, especially to bring the youth in.”

There are around 200 workshops at this year’s Dulcimer Musical Funfest.