Volunteers Make Alpenfest Possible

It’s the third full day of the Swiss tradition in Otsego county, and it takes hundred of people to put it on.

Almost everywhere you look at Alpenfest, their is someone who has poured their heart into planning this festival.

From the carnival fare to the fun and games, it takes a team of people who love Alpenfest to make it all happen.

“Everything that we do, there is a volunteer that is supervising the whole structure all the way down to picking up trash,” said John Jenkins, who’s on the board of directors and is also the Mayor and a volunteer. 

Tracy Secord, a volunteer, said, “Without volunteers we wouldn’t have this event. That means they give up their time freely. We all just have a great time together.”

From jugglers to carousels, the Alpenstrasse is filled with fun because of volunteers.

For some, its just as much play as it is work.

“It makes me feel wonderful inside, it’s all about making friends and making memories, memories are important.”

The love for the festival is what makes generation after generation keep coming back.

“This is my community, I live here and this is what I want to go on. I bring my kids and grandkids here we just have a good time, you can make a lot of friends and some will be life long friends when you walk away from this.”

By Sunday morning, volunteers say memories are all that will be left of Alpenfest, because they hustle to make the town spotless again.

The planning for next years Alpenfest already starts next week.

For a full list of events, click here.