Timbers Recreation Area in TC Under New Protection

The Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy is celebrating tonight, proud to be protecting the Timbers Recreation Area.

The property consists of 256 acres of land, 9000 feet of frontage on three lakes and is only ten minutes from downtown Traverse City

They’ve been working to raise money to purchase the property and finally reached their goal.

Over 500 people donated, totaling over $900,000.

That money is in addition to the 2.1 million provided by the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund.

It’s a project many feel is very important to the area.

“Now there’s public access for the first time ever, and it’s a historic property, and it has a lot of unique cultural heritage as well as the natural beauty,” said Glen Chown, Executive Director of the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy. 

Chown couldn’t stress enough how this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and how a lot of people have yet to experience this land since it previously belonged to the Timbers Girl Scouts.