New Treatment Center in Northern Michigan, First of it’s Kind

A Northern Michigan community now has a resource center to help recovering addicts, and it’s like no other in the state.

Addiction Treatment Services in Traverse City is expanding their services into a new building after doubling the number of clients they help.

Tonight they cut the ribbon to their new facility called PORCH.

“We’re here, we’re doing good work, we are a community resource and we’re just wanting to be a part of the community and asking them to be a part of us,” says Susan Kramer, clinic director at Addiction Treatment Services.

Finally, a place to go after treatment to stay on track. “We worked really hard to try and meet the community’s need, over the last two years our agency has almost doubled it’s capacity and we continue to see such a need in Northern Michigan, but that this was the, we think one of the missing links,” says Chris Hindbaugh, executive director at Addiction Treatment Services.

The PORCH is a branch off of Addiction Treatment Services. They will provide drug tests, outpatient services and a little fun. “It’s kind of a combination of us providing classes and workshops and movie nights and barbecues and then inviting the community if they have something the want to offer, they can come and use this space,” says Kramer.

This non-profit organization says this facility is one way to keep up with the growing number of those in need of help. “I’d say Northern Michigan isn’t all that different than what’s happening around the country right now, what we’re seeing especially with opiates is epidemic in nature,” says Hindbaugh.

They hope the community will embrace this new concept in helping people with long term recovery for a better life. “We really hope this can in a lot of ways be an anchor program for us that it’ll help the community understand what we do and help them support us in a new way as we do continue to grow,” says Hindbaugh.

Most of the events and classes held at the PORCH will be free. For more information about the PORCH and the Addiction Treatment Services, visit the Addiction Treatment Services website.