Governor Snyder Visits Mio for Roundtable Discussion

Governor Rick Snyder visited Northern Michigan to talk business with local leaders and members of the community.

He stopped at the Au Sable River Restaurant in Mio for a roundtable discussion Thursday afternoon.

During his stop, he had a chance share what’s going on in Lansing and hear from people in the area.

The Governor started the roundtable with how the state progressed, but says skilled trades are his number one priority. An issue, that those living in Mio could identify with.

He also talked about how vocational education needs to be expanded and how tens of thousands of jobs are going unfilled because of the lack of people with necessary skills.

Governor Snyder says they are creating new programs to get more people trained, helping colleges upgrade equipment, and making curriculums more flexible to help the trades grow. Still, he says it’s not enough.

9&10’s Breelynn Martin and Jacob Johnson attended the roundtable.