Competition Continues at Alpenfest with Diaper Derby

At the Alpenstrasse, the one-of-a-kind traditions and competitions begin at an early age, from pizza eating, to stilt walking, and diaper wearing.

Today is the third day of fun at the Alpenfest in Gaylord and the diaper derby is a tradition that the littlest visitors can enjoy.

This morning’s race brought out competitors as young as eight months.

The babies crawl or toddle from one end of the carpet to the other.

Some are professionals already, while others have already realized that life is not a race.

Regardless, it is a family tradition for many.

“In fact I think we want to enter her into next year’s competition because she’ll be in the range of walking,” said mother Amanda Storm.

For the first time ever in Alpenfest’s 50 year history, three sets of twins competed in today’s diaper derby.