Quirky Games Make Alpenfest Unique

It’s the 50th year that crowds have gathered in Gaylord for Alpenfest, where traditions and games are underway.

From the best looking ankles, to the knobbiest knees, to gobbling goldfish crackers and busting out bubble blowing skills, there is plenty of friendly competition and family tradition happening today.

The Queen’s Court measures the bubbles and the biggest one wins. Its all about being silly

“Every year I buy some gum like everyone and I save it up when it gets close to Alpenfest.”

Lauren Bushong, Alpenfest Queen, says, “It’s a good way to get people laughing and having fun and it’s a fun way to get out of the heat.”

Festival-goers say the quirky contests are what makes Alpenfest so special

“Alpenfest is during the day and it’s not cold and there’s rides and you can play games! And contests! They’re different than what you would think if you are from a different country or part of the state.”

Many of the events go throughout the week and not only are they fun, but free as well.

Click here to see this year’s schedule of events at Alpenfest.