Over Thirty Vehicles Vandalized In Mason County

New at six, a Northern Michigan community wants to know why someone vandalized more than 30 cars.

Police are looking for whoever is responsible for ripping through more than 30 cars and trucks, 14 of them had their tires slashed.

The cars were vandalized in the city of Ludington in Mason County.

New at six, 9&10’s Cody Boyer spoke to some of the victims today and has more details.


People in Ludington are scared they might be hit next.

Someone is opening up their cars and taking out their things in search of anything valuable.

While police keep up the search, the community is opening up about the crimes.

“This is the first time something like this has ever happened,” said Jaci Fredericks, who owns one of the ransacked cars.

Many living in Ludington are saying the same thing today.

Jaci Frederick’s car was one of more than 30 ransacked in just the last two days.

“I got up and I noticed a white card underneath my windshield wiper,” Fredericks said.

That card was from the police telling her that the inside of her car had been torn apart.

Now, Jaci is looking for answers.

“What are these kids looking for?” Fredericks said. “Parents need to keep an eye on their kids, not let them roam the streets at all hours of the night.”

“It’s very unusual,” said Dean McClellan, another Ludington resident who said he was concerned about the crimes. “Normally, we have the high school right straight across the street and normally, there’s a pretty good police presence here.”

But it’s happened here and with slashed tires now appearing across town, Jaci and others hope answers come soon.

“Normally, I feel very safe in this neighborhood and all the neighbors here tend to watch out for one another which is a very good thing,” McClellan said.

Only three or four of the cars have had reports of missing items as of this morning.

Most of the cars were left unlocked.