Alpenfest Traditions Bring Families Together

This year, Alpenfest is celebrating a major milestone, a 50th anniversary.

From the best looking ankles, to the knobbiest knees to gobbling goldfish and busting out bubble blowing skills, there is plenty of friendly competition and family tradition happening today at the Alpenfest in Gaylord.

Alyssa Gambla at the Alpenstrasse with more. 

Alpenfest is full of families having fun today, and whether people here are young or old, some have been coming to Alpenfest their entire lives.

Some say being on the Alpenstrauss is just part of their identity.

“Everybody is hugging each other. Relatives come here and hugging and dancing.”

For Alex McCoy Alpenfest is the happiest time of year. He has been at every Alpenfest since its inception and loves the family aspect of it.

“I think its a time of the year families get together, people like cousins sons and daughters are away from school they come. It’s a come home time for people.”

Whether its the traditional attire or the music — something about it just brings people together

allison cavanaugh, 2013 runner up alpenfest queen

“The traditions here go back generations. It’s grandparents and aunts and uncles. It’s a coming together time,” said Allison Cavanaugh, 2013 runner up Alpenfest Queen. 

Cavanaugh says Alpenfest is rooted deep in all those who return.

“There are many things that make it and the festival becomes a part of you once you’ve been here.”