Mother Charged With Manslaughter in Baby Death

Northern Michigan’s News Leader has been following the Alyce Morales case since the baby’s death last July.

Deputies said Morales gave birth to the little girl in a tent at a campsite in Beulah. She’s accused of killing that baby.

On Tuesday, Morales was charged with manslaughter, on top of her open murder charge. She pleaded not guilty to both.

Investigators say Morales gave birth on her own and no one knew she was pregnant. 

The medical examiners said the baby had skull fractures, and the death wasn’t accidental.

Defense attorneys say it’s been a long process so far for Morales, and it’s far from over.

“She’s doing the best she can in a very tragic situation. She’s a kid, a very young kid,” said Jesse L. Williams, Morales attorney. “As best as any family could, obviously, it’s a tragic situation.”

The lesser manslaughter charge gives the jury more options if the case goes to trial.

No further court dates have been set.