Man Arrested for Wrong Way Drunk Driving on I-75 in Ogemaw County

A wrong way, drunk driver caused quite a mess on this major freeway in Ogemaw County, landing four people in the hospital.

Police responded to 9-11 calls of a car heading the wrong way on northbound I-75 early Sunday morning.

They say the man from Waterford drove more than a mile in the wrong direction in Ogemaw County, causing a crash between a police cruiser and another vehicle.

Two sheriff’s deputies and two people from Gaylord were injured after police tried to stop the man from heading down the wrong lane.

With things like this being rare, police say that made it easy for them to figure out what was causing this man to drive the wrong direction.

“Alcohol is a lot of times involved in situations like this,” said F/Lt. Melvin Mathews, Commanding Officer of the Ogemaw County Michigan State Police.

It started as a series of 9-11 calls about a car driving the wrong way on I-75.

And to make matters worse, it was dark and police say the driver was drunk.

“I’m not going to say it happens often,” Mathews said. “It does sometime occur. A lot of time it has to do with alcohol.”

State Police Troopers, along with two Ogemaw County Sheriff’s deputies, were sent to I-75.

But what happened next, wasn’t a part of the plan.

“A couple of Ogemaw County Sheriff deputies were also attempting to stop this individual but were struck by an individual,” Mathews said.

A couple from Gaylord was driving in the right direction but still crashed into a police cruiser.

The man drove right by the crash and shortly after…

“We were able to apprehend the individual and alcohol was involved in that situation,” Mathews said.

According to police, while the crash happened, it could have been a lot worse.

Each of the four people who were hurt have been released from the hospital.

The Waterford man is being held in the Ogemaw County prison as the investigation moves forward.

Reporting live, I’m Cody Boyer for 9&10 News at six.