Cold, Rainy Weather Draws People to Downtown Areas

The unusually cold and rainy weather is helping some businesses.

Michael Davies, owner of Dripworks in Petoskey said, “Rainy day, perfect for coffee and tea, there’s more of an influx in customers.”

For new businesses in town like Dripworks, this rain is helping bring in new customers. They say the chill in the air has people thinking about warm drinks… Quite unusual for July.

“Petoskey of all places, you really notice the difference when it rains. You see people walking around with umbrellas and they still come in where as sunny days you see people walking around and just go by,” said Davies.

And by the looks of Mclean and Eakin Booksellers, everyone has the same idea; to curl up with a good book.

Shoppers have no rush to get back outside and stay for hours at a time.

The store’s owner Matt Norcross said, “We have much busier days. We have a lot more sales when its raining. A lot of cottages are centered on playing on the lake so when those days are taken away getting mom and dad a book is a way to have a vacation day and everyone can have fun.”

People in town say until the sun comes out — shopping, it is.