Alpenfest in Gaylord: Burning of the Boogg

Tonight is the start of Gaylord’s Alpenfest and just like years passed, it all starts with the traditional burning of the boogg.

It’s a time for everyone to write down any issues or troubles they are facing, put them in the boogg and have it burned during Alpenfest. The burning represents those problems disappearing.

Alpenfest is celebrating their golden birthday and a tradition that has been successful ever since the beginning. 

“Some it is old wives’ tales but you put your worries in there and you watch them go up in flames and hopefully everything will go away,” says Patt Dobrzelewski, president of Alpenfest. 

After a questionable evening of rain, cold temperatures and wind, the burning of the boogg was a success. “It’s fun because your waiting for it to happen and it kind of feels good to know that they’re all burnt away and gone,” says Brittney Shambaugh, visitor from Indiana. 

Many traditions kept strong through these 50 years and many more to come. “We are the Alpine village and we have been that for 50 years now and we’re very proud of it,” says Bill Johnson, who’s been going to Alpenfest since the start.

The festival starts back up on Wednesday, for more details on the festival visit Gaylord Alpenfest’s website.