Tourists Prepare for Mid-July Cool Down

Many people have made their way up to northern Michigan for summer vacation, but are now preparing to brave the chill instead of the heat.

It’s time to put away the shorts and swimsuits.

When you take a look at the forecast, many are thankful they packed a sweatshirt and pants.

“This is our 9th summer coming here and no, normally it’s much warmer than this, much warmer.”

The Zynda family is making the most of the warm summer rays before the cool front heads in. They say it’s typically in the 80’s while they’re here.

“In Michigan, it’s normally really hot, air conditioning is normally on. We have all the windows open, we haven’t used the air yet since we’ve been here,” says Karen Zynda.

Campers at Mitchell State Park say they typically use a fan when sleeping in their tent, but not this time.

“We have heaters and a lot of blankets,” explains cousins Austin Roestel, and Katelyn and Ashley Sorrell.

“I was having to sleep with my sleeping bag, and then I put two blankets on top and two blankets underneath. It’s kind of surprising that it’s really cold,” says camper Madison VanOmmen.

Temperatures cold enough to throw a wrench in regular mid-July plans.

“No swimming tomorrow,” says Karen Zynda, “We’ll see about Thursday, maybe, I don’t know about Wednesday either!”

And cause a major change in their typical summer wardrobes.

“Sweatshirt, long pants, sweats,” say Roestel, and the Sorrell sisters.

The Zynda’s agree, “Always got to be prepared, packing for 7 days, a little bit heavier but we’re 3 season, 4 season packers now. You always got to be ready in Michigan.”

The kids 9&10 News spoke with said if worst comes to worst, and they’re just that cold, they can always sneak into Mom and Dad’s camper.