Big Rapids Police Search For Suspect In Attempted Sex Crime

The Big Rapids Department of Public Safety is investigating the attempted sex crime that happened Friday night.

The search is focused in and around the Riverwalk, a series of paved trail located in big rapids in Mecosta County.

The victim managed to escape from her attacker in this case, but the story is not over.

Police are urging people in the community to help them catch the man who approached her that night.

“She was fortunate,” said Brian Miller, Big Rapids Public Safety detective. “She was very fortunate but you never know.”

The victim in this crime escaped a man’s clutches on Friday night but the attacker, himself, disappeared.

“Friday evening, shortly before 10 o’clock, we received a report of a distraught, upset female that reported, while walking home from work on the rails-to-trails that she had been confronted by an assailant,” Miller said.

That man forced her to the ground.

She was able to fight him off, kneeing him in the groin and then running away.

“Based on the observations of the victim, we have been able with the help of the michigan state police, to put together a sketch of our suspect,” Miller said.

Now, police are just looking to put a name to the sketch.

And they’re hoping people who live around the Riverwalk Rails-to-Trails walkway will be more aware of what’s happening around the.

“Young girls and ladies today need to be cautious and careful when they are out and being alone is probably not a wise idea, especially not a night,” said Amy Koster, who lives with her family near the Riverwalk.

Good advice not just here and now, but anytime, anywhere.

“I think those kinds of things can happen anywhere,” Koster said. “I think that that’s not so unusual in today’s day and age. I think that’s a shame but that’s the world that we live in.”

The suspect is described as about six-feet tall, thin build and with a mustache.

He was wearing black cargo shorts, with a dark-colored shirt and with rips along the bottom.

Anyone with information on who this man may be, should contact Big Rapids City Police: (231)527-0005 .