Former COOR Teacher Accused of Attacking Two Students

A lengthy investigation is coming to light, a teacher accused of assaulting students.

Tonight we have continuing coverage on a former teacher who was charged with attacking two students. Gerrish Township Police say Kaitlyn Goslin taught at Crawford, Oscoda, Ogemaw, Roscommon Intermediate School District.

A former teacher faces three charges of assault against two students. The investigation began in March. “We then looked at conducting an internal investigation and prior to conducting that investigation the individual submitted their resignation,” says Greg Bush, superintendent of COOR ISD.

Kaitlyn Goslin had only been working at the ISD for a couple months before the allegations came out. The severity of the alleged abuse is not clear. The two adult students have mental or physical disabilities, and don’t speak well. “We need to ensure that the personnel that work with them have been trained in non-physical interventions in order to work with these students,” says Bush.

Gerrish Township Police say the students were assaulted several times while at the school. “Working with students with severe disabilities, they do not have a repertoire of communication, so it is very difficult to work with them and we have to make certain that the supports exist in the classrooms so that we maintain the safety,” says Bush.

The school is now taking extra measures to make sure this does not happen again. “We always want to ensure the health and safety of our students,” says Bush.

Goslin’s next court appearance is scheduled for the beginning of September.