Cigarette Causes Apartment Fire In Grand Traverse County

A fire in a Grand Traverse County apartment complex has landed a middle-aged man in the hospital after starting inside his home.

The Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department responded this morning to an apartment fire in Garfield Township at around 7:30 a.m.

When fire fighters arrived, crews saw smoke coming from inside the house.

Fighters acted quickly and found a 53-year-old man upstairs in the building suffering from smoke inhalation.

“I think everybody needs to be a little more vigilant, a little more careful because we all live in this community,” said April Arnold, who lives near the apartment. “Smokers, or fireworks or anything. We need to really be kind of vigilant because we have all of these people living here and there’s lives.”

Crews contained the fire quickly to inside the house.

Fighters believe the fire started accidentally due to careless smoking.