National Guard Adds Thousands To Camp Grayling For Training

The Army National Guard of northern Michigan is bringing troops from many different locations this weekend for special training.

The National Guard at Camp Grayling in Crawford County is bringing around 5,900 troops to its grounds for annual assessment.

By the end of Saturday, the base is expected to already have 3,000 men and women in uniform.

This is all part of a program that focuses on getting those troops ready in case they are needed in the field.

“It’s real important for the National Guard because what we need to do annually is report to the active component at the Pentagon what units are at what readiness level, and this is one of the key exercises,” said Camp Grayling’s Plans, Training and Exercise Officer Tom Parrison. 

Many officers arrived Saturday morning on Boeing 737 planes in Traverse City.

Hundreds of local hires also help the troops during the program.