Maire Starts Her Journey in Cross Village

Cancer doesn’t care if you’re only 24.

Maire Kent died from Cardiac Sarcoma in September, but she had a plan to live on.

Her dying wish comes true tomorrow.

Maire’s ashes will float out on a boat from cross village. She hoped they’d one day reach the ocean.

A documentary crew is helping that dream come true. They are in Northern Michigan, starting the first step in the journey tomorrow at the Cross Village beach.

Keith Famie said, “As she was going through her stages of hospice she said ,’I think i wanna be cremated and I want my ashes to go on this journey.’ She reverted back to her childhood to a book written in 1944 called Paddle to the Sea, that is what she wanted to do, go on that magical journey, see the world she never got to.”

Maire Kent’s remains along with this boat and GPS are headed for the ocean. Along with her ashes, pictures of 12 others who lost their battle to cancer will be along for the ride.

They’ll be released in Michigan. And hopefully make their way to New York. A story that’s already touching hearts all over.

“I think Maire’s story becomes everybody’s story because there isn’t anybody who hasn’t been touched by cancer,” said Famie.

John Feist said, “It’s not just a story about disease. We’re all gonna die, none of us get out of it alive, i think we need to honor Maire’s life and the joy she brought to other lives.”

They’re still unsure who will come into contact with the boat, and how it will touch them.

“It’s about how humanity embraces Maire so whether she comes across a group of young kids or a fishing boat or somebody on shore. How will they react to Maire? What will they do? Walk away, shrug it off.. Take it home? We don’t know,” said Famie.

“I think Maire’s watching she’s smiling and watching us from heaven she’s very much a part of this journey,” said Feist.

They hope that if someone sees Maire’s ship out on water, they become part of making her journey and wish come full circle.

Follow along with her progress, and find ways to donate HERE.