Float Preparations For DTE Energy Cherry Royale Parade

Every year DTE Energy builds a new float to be displayed in the Cherry Royale Parade.

This year DTE has decided to highlight the Inland Seas Education Association, that teaches students about the Great Lakes.

The float not only has meaning behind it, but also some National Cherry Festival traditions.

“We think this parade is a great event. We’re proud to be apart of it. We’re proud to be a sponsor of it and we love being a part of it,” said Dave Whitman, DTE Energy Director of Advertising and Brand Communications.

This is the DTE float you’ll see in the Cherry Royale Parade on Saturday.

“This is a replica of the Inland Seas Schooner, which is the actual boat that they use for their educational programs for elementary school all the way to high school to promote awareness and stewardship of the Great Lakes,” said Whitman.

Each year DTE builds their float based on the organizations that they have helped throughout the year.

“Inland Seas is celebrating their 25th anniversary. It’s been 10 years that we’ve been working with them,” said Whitman.

The float is made up of foam, wood and fabric and took four days to construct.

“I think it’s a great representation of how involved the community gets with this event,” said Whitman.

And the float would not be complete without a big bowl of cherries.

“Regardless of what we’re highlighting on the rest of the float, we like to keep the bowl of cherries and tie that directly to what’s going on with the National Cherry Festival,” said Whitman.

The DTE Energy Cherry Royale Parade begins on Saturday morning at 11:15 in downtown Traverse City.

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