UPDATE: Service Returns to All Customers After Water Main Bursts in Ludington

The water is flowing again for all customers following a water main break in Mason County.

A sight to see today. An eruption of water, a disruption of business.

A contractor struck a huge water main near the corner of Filer and Robert Roads in Ludington today. It’s now fixed and the water’s running again, but the break caused headaches for people and businesses.

Sandals Salon was surprised that their water was shut off today right at the beginning of what was suppose to be a busy day. “At that point I just had to stop the service and do as much as I could and cancel the rest of the day from then on out,” says Ashley Blough, nail technician at Sandals Salon.

A contractor putting in a new cable to the Municipal Marina struck the water main causing quite a scene. “We had like a geyser coming off and we ended up having to shut off the water to a small portion of the city,” says John Shay, Ludington city manager.

But that small portion of the city has two full condominium complexes who witnessed all the action. “There was a little eruption, a little water eruption that went higher than that tree and it went like that for quite some period of time,” says Howard Freeland, who witnessed the break.

The water was shut off for several hours in the middle of the day which had many looking elsewhere for water. “I went to Wesco and I got two big bottles of water, so we had something to drink. So we knew where to go, we just had to plan ahead,” says Freeland. 

The city had to act fast on the fix. “It was hard to miss because the water was shooting up 30, 40 feet up in the air and so you go into emergency mode and they shut down the water and pumped out all the water and started the repair work,” says Shay. Shay says they are unsure who will be held responsible for the break. The community is just glad their water is back on and they even got a show out of it. “And as I joked to everybody, our view isn’t too terrific except for today, we had the best view in town,” Freeland.

The water is running tonight, but customers should run their water for a little bit to flush out any muck.