Saint Helen Hosts 65th National Bluegill Festival

The biggest weekend of the year for the small town of Saint Helen has returned once again. It’s the National Bluegill Festival.

For the 65th year, the town will honor the fish their lake is known for, and of course have a little fun.

A carnival, parade, beverage tent, dog agility competition and fishing tournament are all on the schedule for the festival.

Around town, this weekend is a big deal, and a time every one in the community looks forward to.

The President of the Bluegill Festival, Stefanie Simmons, said, “Personally I think it is very important, it brings our community like I said they bring all every business here is involved in some way whether its donating their money, their time their goods… we love our festival.”

The festival began today at 6:00  and runs through Sunday.

Kids day is tomorrow from 12:00 to 3:00 with free games and prizes at the pavilion.