People Lined Along Front Street for Touchstone Energy Junior Royale Parade

People were lined up along Front St. in Traverse City earlier today for the Touchstone Energy Junior Royale Parade.

A lot of “day-of” preparation goes into this parade, and it all started at 5 o’clock this morning and didn’t end until the parade kicked off at 6:30 tonight.

“We have 109 units, we have a mixture of bands, school floats and categories which brings in kids from the community who aren’t participating in their schools float and they can decorate their bikes, decorate their wagons and stuff like that,” said Nick Lemcool, Director of Touchstone Energy Junior Royale Parade.

Every year local schools and, of course kids, are the primary focus of the Touchstone Energy Junior Royale Parade.

It’s a tradition all about the community, bringing families back every year.

“They just have a lot of stuff and the candy they throw at the kids and all the police cars coming through as a community its just beautiful,” said Jenee Rose, someone enjoying the parade.

People have been saving seats and squeezing in wherever they can all along front street since early this afternoon, just so they could see what the parade has in store for this year.

“I had to come at 1 o’clock today, but usually I come at midnight the night before and set them all up because otherwise I wouldn’t get enough seats,” said Rose.

And to many visitors, it’s all worth it, no matter where your seat is.

“The bands, bands and all the floats , the princess and princesses, all the school floats are great each year they get more unique as the years go by,” said Rose.

26 schools participated in the parade this year, some that have been taking part for years, and some joining for the first time, but they all have one thing in common, their princes and princesses couldn’t be more excited.

“Mines pretty excited, she’s been practicing her wave,” said Angela Thiel, a mom of a princess in the parade.