Loons closer extends shutout streak to eight games

 MIDLAND – One of the biggest allures about the Great Lakes Loons, or any Midwest League team, is the prospect of seeing a future Major League star.

    The Loons currently have a closer who is making his case right just weeks after the Los Angeles Dodgers drafted in the 3rd Round. 

Closer Matt Campbell has not allowed a single run in all eight of his appearances this season. 

    He’s only allowed five hits and struck out 10 bain 10s in10 innings on the hill.

    Which is even more amazing considering they rushed him right on the field in his very first night with the loons.

    “I was really nervous the first couple of outings,” Campbell said.  “But after I had a little early success, I kinda settled in more. But you know it’s great to have that early success and get my feet wet.  I take it with a grain of salt, because it can flip around just like that, but I’m taking it and running with it right now.” 

    Loons Pitching Coach Bill Simas has a similar perspective.

    “I’m not surprised at all. I mean,” Simas said.  “We have a pretty good scouting program, and they drafted him for a reason. So, he’s here, and you know I don’t expect him to not give up a run the rest of the year, but he’s been doing really well.”

    If Campbell keeps this success up, he may not stay in Midland very long.  He would most likely get a promotion in the Dodger system.