Dogs Leap Far to Become the Ultimate Air Dogs at NCF

It is an event you do not want to miss at this year’s festival.

Dogs are jumping between four and 20 feet and sometimes beyond, and the crowds are loving it.

One couple traveled all the way from Florida with nine dogs to be in the Ultimate Air Dogs Competition today.

“It’s amazing we never even dreamed that it was going to be this big and it was great.”

Barb Lentz and her husband had five dogs participating in the Ultimate Air Dogs Competition today.

“They absolutely love it. They love to play with their toys, they like to play with me and we have our own facility at home so they get to practice any time they want to.”

Four-year-old Quest jumped the farthest at more than 23 feet.

“He likes the chase, he likes swimming, he loves jumping and he also likes the fact that we keep to bond together and we get to spend time together and that’s huge.”

And he couldn’t have done it without his favorite toy.

“These are very visible in the water and we also practice before we go in you saw me doing this and backing him up a little bit. That’s just for practice and focus.”

Organizers say an event like this is all about the dogs.

“It’s about the dogs having fun and you’ll see by the reaction of the crowd, the dog doesn’t have to jump 28 feet, it can jump four feet as you’ll see some dogs jump and they’ll get just as big reaction a big jumping dogs,” said Milt WWilcox owner of Ultimate Air Dogs.  

If you missed it today, more competitions are scheduled for Friday and Saturday. The finals are Saturday at 2:00 p.m.

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