Crews Prepare for Junior Royale Parade

Preparations started at 5:00 this morning for the Touchstone Energy Junior Royale Parade tonight.

Crews worked on putting out no parking signs, no parking cones, and setting up and mapping everything out for the parade.

The parade focuses around the schools and the children.

It is made up of 109 units, a mixture of bands, school floats, and kids come in that signed up to decorate their own wagon or bicycle.

A different theme is chosen every year. Floats are supposed to be designed around that theme, and this years theme is Michigan children’s authors. 

“Each school picks a prince and a princess and then those parents get together and they recruit some of the other school members and they build a float,” explained parade director Nick Lemcool. 

26 schools have signed up to participate in the parade this year.

Kids of all ages decorated their own bike or wagon to ride in the parade.

The parade starts at 6:30 and is expected to last anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours.

It starts on Front and Railroad streets and ends at Central Grade School.

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