Cadillac Area YMCA Celebrates Mary Dillon

The Cadillac Area YMCA celebrated the life of someone very special to their community center on Thursday.

Mary Dillon was at the center of the celebration. She died a few years ago, but was instrumental in helping the YMCA open in Cadillac.

To remember her, they opened their doors to the public on Thursday. The Women’s Giving Circle and Cadillac Area Community Foundation dedicated a bench in her honor with a plaque.

“Mary Dillon was always somebody who was willing to hold us up at a time when we were tired, at a time when we were in need. She always was the friend to everyone. And in a way it’s quite symbolic to have the bench,” said Executive Director of the Cadillac Area YMCA Dan Smith.

The YMCA plans to have more events to remember her in the future.