Tips for Safe Web Browsing on Public WiFi Networks

When you need to check your email, or want to view a video when you’re on the go, a WiFi signal is usually a welcome sight. It’s also something hackers are hoping for.

Criminals sometimes create fake wireless networks, where they can monitor exactly what you do online, and see your user names and passwords.

So, how do you protect yourself?

First, verify the network name. Sometimes hackers will set up a hot-spot and use a similar name to one a legitimate business is offering. Ask for the businesses full network name and make sure it matches, verbatim.

Second, look for “https” in the URL bar. That “s” is critical, showing security is active.

Third, you can use a virtual private network service, or VPN, that makes sure all of your browsing is encrypted.

Finally, update your software. Programmers are always trying to stay a step ahead of hackers.

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