Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Officers Have Rifle Training

Being a good shot could be a matter of life or death for a police officer.

Captain Chris Clark of the Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Office says, “It’s a training day for deputies and sergeants and certified officers with their patrol rifle which is is a firearm that protects them if they’re ever put in a deadly force situation.”

Shots heard in Kingsley today as deputies practiced their aim.

They say every time you see an officer with a holster, it means they had to pass training just like this one.

“Every year they’re trained with patrol gun and rifle. This has happened to be a qualification day and they have to qualify every year to patrol with it, every certified officer at the office has a patrol rifle,” Clark said.

And it changes all of the time; to stay on the cutting edge of what’s new and important to learn in the world of firearms. 

“The training are crucial and we don’t stay stagnant with firearms training were always sending instructors out to see what’s new in the firearms training world and bringing that back and applying to our training,” he said.  

But most importantly days like today ensure that when an officer is called to the scene, they’re able to protect and serve.

“Every certified officer they get quite a bit of training so they can safely do their job and protect other officers and citizens of Grand Traverse County, said Clark.